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Joanna Doven Announces Run for Allegheny County Council At-Large Seat

(PITTSBURGH, PA) Jan. 4 Joanna Doven, 38, a lifelong Allegheny County resident, single mother of three children and longtime small business owner announced today that she will be running in the May primary for Allegheny County Council’s At-Large Democrat seat. 

“I’m running because I’ve experienced the challenges of raising kids in an economy that feels like it’s not built for working families. I will advocate tirelessly to ensure everyone feels like they can play a part in the Pittsburgh economy and create a better life for their children as I have. There are so many challenges for working families, including struggles with addiction and mental health making our friends, family and neighbors feel lost in the system.   I know there are more people out there that need real-life programs, not rhetoric, that connect them with more reliable social services, well-paying jobs and affordable home ownership.” 

Doven worked in Pittsburgh local government as one of the nation’s youngest big city mayoral press secretaries, where she led communications for the 2009 G-20 Economic Summit. She was an integral part of a governing team that led the city into its third renaissance marked by historic low crime,  a resurgence of Downtown’s residential and small business population, and reinvestment in neighborhood infrastructure. In 2009, Joanna founded a communications-based small business, now known as Premo Consultants. As the founding CEO of a certified women-owned business, Joanna has aided nonprofit organizations and neighborhood businesses in launching and growing initiatives that help vulnerable people and grow the region’s tax base and vibrancy. 

“I launched my company out of necessity,” said Doven. “I had to pay off expensive student loan debt and was living paycheck to paycheck, but I refused to work in a corporate structure that took me away from the most important job in the world – being a mom. I created a flexible work model that I extend to every working mom that works for me.” 

Doven will now leverage her experience to help “re-anchor” the local democratic party’s progressive agenda – one rooted in fighting for clean, safe and vibrant neighborhoods and parks; ensuring access to important social services like mental health; providing reasonable living opportunities to disenfranchised communities; and, restoring election integrity and civility to local government.

Allegheny  County Council has two at-large seats, held by one democrat and one republican. One of the most critical responsibilities of a county council member at-large is in certifying the election results.  

“As a mother, I know our children are watching and I don’t like the toxic leadership examples being set,” said Doven. “Last year, our nation’s capital was under attack, undermining the very bedrock of democratic principles that make the United States a shining example of principled transition of power. My opponent made the very dangerous and irresponsible decision to side with the insurrectionists and delay certification of the election results based on claims from election deniers. She lent legitimacy to the false claims that the election results in Allegheny County were in doubt.” 

In addition to running on a platform that restores election integrity, Doven’s campaign website lays out policy platforms that will continue to be rolled out throughout the campaign. 

“I’ve taken on big challenges throughout my life and I’m ready for the next step of serving our region,” said Doven.

To view Joanna’s full bio, view here.

Elect Doven to make Allegheny County a better place for working families.