Doven Hits TV Air Waves with Common Sense Message in Primary’s Final Days, Releases Results of Social Media Listening Analysis Showing Significant Momentum

County Council At-Large Candidate Joanna Doven today announced that her campaign has completed an ad buy that will place a 30-second video about 125 times on cable and network TV through Tuesday morning. Doven appears to be the first county council candidate to hit the TV air waves.

The video, titled ‘Crossroads’ connects…

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Allegheny County Council Candidate Joanna Doven Calls For Creation Of ‘Anti-Predatory Landlord’ Legislation

County Council At-Large Candidate Joanna Doven announced efforts she will lead on County Council to protect tenants from predatory landlords. In Allegheny County, about 35% of residents are renters, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And due to a shortage of rental housing supply, especially for affordable, quality rental housing, tenants may be victimized.

If elected, in her first 100 days, Doven will …

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Doven Calls On County Council, County Executive to Initiate VisitPittsburgh, Sea Merger

Allegheny County Council Candidate Joanna Doven today weighed in on County Controller Corey O’Connor’s audit of VisitPittsburgh. VisitPittsburgh refused to disclose employees’ salary information, even though taxpayers fund their salaries, among other oddities for a taxpayer funded entity, including a sky-high office lease. 

“It’s time to get rid of the corruption, eliminate redundancy, and restore trust in local government,” said Doven, noting that the tourism entity is…

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