Doven Hits TV Air Waves with Common Sense Message in Primary’s Final Days, Releases Results of Social Media Listening Analysis Showing Significant Momentum

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(PITTSBURGH, PA) May 11  County Council At-Large Candidate Joanna Doven today announced that her campaign has completed an ad buy that will place a 30-second video about 125 times on cable and network TV through Tuesday morning. Doven appears to be the first county council candidate to hit the TV air waves. 

The video, titled ‘Crossroads’ connects Doven’s experience as a small business owner and single mom as someone who knows that people “need a helping hand.” It ends with one of Doven’s key campaign platforms, which has been a focus on increasing county funding and services for mental health. Mental health is now the number one comorbidity in Allegheny County and is directly correlated to substance use disorders. 

“I’ve talked to thousands of progressive residents who feel like things are out of control in their communities and in local government. They are tired of the chaos politics and want a professional woman who will solve problems. We are at a crossroads, and I am the woman to put us back on track – focus on common sense policies that address all residents’ top needs, like mental health, while making progress on social justice and environmental issues. We can walk and chew gum at the same time.” 

About 170 people have contributed to Doven’s campaign, from several former staffers of Mayor Tom Murphy’s administration to affordable housing developers like Trek Development and AHRCO, and the developer of one of the region’s most successful developments, Bakery Square’s Walnut Capital. 

“Contributions are still coming in to make this all possible.  I’d like to thank all my donors, supporters, friends and family members who have stood by me.”

Doven also released a social media listening analysis performed by a digital firm focused on progressive candidates and progressive issues, Fifth Influence. The analysis indicates that Doven has more momentum than her opponent leading into Tuesday’s primary. Fifth Influence used the same methodology to accurately predict past races, including the recent PA Senate democratic primary.

The poll analyzed candidate mentions and sentiment, leaving out paid campaigns from March 1 to present. From March to May, Doven went from being significantly shadowed by her opponent to equaling her in impressions in April and eclipsing her in May. Doven’s earned social media impressions are up 506% over the last 5.5 weeks while her opponent is down 9%. Impressions moved from positive to negative with Hallam’s negatives exceeding Doven’s for the first time in May. Net sentiment about Hallam in earned social media impressions dropped 52 points in the last 5.5 weeks.

For more detailed information on the analysis, contact George Potts at 412-502-5087.

Elect Doven to make Allegheny County a better place for working families.