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Joanna Doven, 38, is a single mother of three children and longtime small business owner who worked in Pittsburgh local government as one of the nation’s youngest big-city mayoral press secretaries from 2006-2013.

She is running for Allegheny County Council At-Large to make Allegheny County a better place for all families.

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Allegheny  County Council has two at-large seats. One of the most critical responsibilities of a county councilperson at-large is that they are in charge of certifying election results. 

Last year, our nation's capital was under attack undermining the very bedrock of democratic principles that make the United States an example of principled transition of power. This election cycle, my opponent made the very dangerous and irresponsible decision to vote not to certify the election results lending legitimacy to the false claims that the election results in Allegheny County were in doubt.

Every human deserves to live in a place that is safe, clean and vibrant.  The unhoused population has been stigmatized for too long. They are among our most vulnerable residents and it is the government's duty to protect them. Enabling the unhoused to live outside, in unsafe conditions where they are often victimized as they struggle with mental health and interrelated substance use disorders is not progressive. What is progressive is leading on solutions that protect the unhoused and ensure the center of our region - Downtown Pittsburgh - is a safe and vibrant place to work, shop, live and play. What is progressive is listening to all constituents, including working moms and dads and small business owners, who are seeing their life’s savings and dreams disappear as our region's economic corridor becomes synonymous with crime and  blight. 

It’s time to help the unhoused, support our small business owners, nurture our corporate community and clean up Downtown.  Doven doesn’t believe in all or nothing policies; she will lead with plans rooted in the reality of what is happening to everyday taxpayers to tackle issues like this head on.

The pandemic shook the American workforce to its core as employers recalibrated workforce strategies and workers’ mental health, exacerbated by isolation, destabilized our economy.  As of November 2021, 4.53 million Americans quit their jobs. Today, there’s approximately 24,000 jobs available in Allegheny County. With Allegheny County’s rich labor history, there’s no reason why county leadership can’t advance our region to become the nation’s epicenter for family sustaining green jobs. From vocational training at career and technical schools to apprenticeships at our building trades and tech centers – people of all ages and ethnicities should easily connect to training opportunities that give them well-paying, family sustaining jobs with safe, accessible and affordable housing and public transportation. 

While Doven’s opponent doesn’t focus on the root causes of home affordability or incarceration, Doven believes that  it's the government's responsibility to provide every individual with clear and  inclusive job pathways.

Nothing makes living more unaffordable than residents being displaced from their jobs due to  mental health and directly related substance use disorders. Our nation is experiencing a substance use disorder crisis and the county’s human services providers must rethink their role in connecting people with treatment plans that address mental health and addiction together.

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